We subscribe to the governing principles of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).  The principles and our compliance are as follows:


 Accountability - if you have been a respondent in one of our studies and have any questions related to your personal information, you may contact our Privacy Officer.

 Identifying the Purpose of the Research - before you agree to participate in any research study, you will be advised of why the study is being conducted and how any of your information will be collected and used.

 Consent - in the rare instance that your personal information needs to be connected to your responses to fulfill the objective's) of the study and transferred to the client, you will specifically be asked at the time of data collection if you grant permission.  For any study we conduct, you have the option of not participating.

 Limiting Collection - we will only collect the data we need to meet our study objectives.

 Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention - personal information will be retained only as long as it serves a purpose and need. 

 Accuracy - in all aspects of data collection and analysis, we strive for the highest accuracy and quality possible.

 Safeguards - any personal information from participation in research studies is protected using physical and technological barriers.

 Openness - any questions regarding our Privacy Policy and related procedures can be directed to our Privacy Officer.

 Individual Access - a respondent who has participated in one of our studies and provided their name or other form of identity may have access to his or her personal information within 30 days of filing a request with our Privacy Officer.

 Challenging Compliance - our compliance and Privacy Policy may be challenged or questioned at any time by contacting our Privacy Officer.


This Policy will be updated as required.  Our Privacy Officer is Richard Alaszkiewicz.  He can be reached at 403 543-0570 or at